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It is my belief, that if everyone in the world took three minutes to truly stop, look, listen and actually feel the carousel figures, they will always find something they love. Most art is subjective depending on a single persons taste and appreciation. But a carousel offers a little something for everyone.

- Ken Means; Master Carver




Philippa Benson was the first to sponsor an animal for the carousel.
Philippa Benson has given a boost to the Coquille Carousel, in the form of a $5,000 sponsorship for "Punch" the prancing goat, which will join a City of Coquille-sponsored horse on the carousel when it is completed.
"I chose the goat because I fell in love with him. And, like the goat, maybe I'm kind of a stubborn person," Benson said, according to a release from the City of Coquille.

Langlois resident Catherine Kadlowbowski sponsors carousel horse “FLAGGER”
The Coquille Carousel announces the generous sponsorship of “Flagger”, a patriotic black stallion, by Catherine Kadlubowski for the future Coos County Carousel.  Ms. Kadlubowski believes in the big picture the project provides with a future vision of the carousel bringing people smiles and joy.  In contrast to the many negative and depressing issues in the world, there’s nothing like a working carousel to bring smiles to those who visit it.  “For me personally,” says Kadlubowski, “the project provides an avenue of learning and expression and interaction with people that I might not otherwise have met.  In my life it provides a positive aspect.”
“My husband Joe died 9/24/2012 after 7 years in a wheelchair.  I saw the sponsoring of a carousel animal in his memory as a good and satisfying way to acknowledge his existence and for people to see his name.  I chose Flagger because of the original and current flags as a sign of continuity and because Joe supported both the Paralyzed Veterans of America and the Wounded Warriors organizations.  Additionally, the lion on the saddle stands for August in the language of the stars and Joe's birthday was in August.  How perfect is all this?”

Coquille resident Linda Short sponsors carousel donkey named simply “DONKEY”
The Coquille Carousel announce the generous sponsorship of “Donkey”, a sweet tempered animal, by Linda Short for the future Coos County Carousel.  “I chose the donkey because when I first saw it, it made me feel good!”  Ms. Short shared. “I liked the way the hair is parted, looking like it might have been nipped at.”
For Ms. Short, the future Coquille Carousel is a wonderful way to show off our rich timber history [and] our talented people in our area.  She hopes this beautiful hand carved carousel will be a destination that will draw tourism by attracting people of all ages to visit the region.  The carousel experience promises nostalgic moments for some to relive cherished memories of the past and the opportunity to shares those experiences anew with today’s children.  “The carousel holds warm feelings,” says Short, “all of Coos County will benefit.  I am proud to be a part of its creation.”

Barbara and Greg Rueger sponsor carousel horse “WINDWALKER”

The Coquille Carousel Association is very proud to announce that Barbara and Greg Rueger have chosen to sponsor the magical horse “Windwalker” with his flying golden mane for the Coos County carousel.  It is a wonderful addition to the carousel and showcases the talent of master carver Ken Means.  All of the animals on the carousel will be hand carved wooden animals and will be a legacy showcasing what can be accomplished by community and volunteers who make dreams come true. 

The Ruegers have a long history in Coos Bay and have chosen to sponsor “Windwalker as a memorial for their family, especially for Barbara's mother who was a great fan of carousels and enjoyed painting miniature carousel horses.  Greg Rueger has been actively involved with the Egyptian Theater project and they believe the Coquille carousel will be a wonderful addition to the attractions of Coos County.

City of Coquille sponsors the carousel horse “Arvack
The elaborate wood carving of Prince Valiant's prized black stallion will join the Coquille Carousel courtesy of the Coquille City Council, which voted in November to approve a $10,000 sponsorship for the horse.
For that money, the council secured a sponsored horse in the outer ring of the future carousel, for which the city is actively soliciting donations in an effort to boost tourism in the city, modeling the carousel after a similar one in Salem.
The decision was made by councilors Dave Chappelle, Susan Heaton, Fran Capehart and Linda Short as well as City Manager Ben Marchant. It came after the Coquille officials toured the Myrtle Point workshop of master carver Ken Means, whose carving was being purchased.
Means led the tour, explaining things to his visitors as they moved through the workshop, inspecting carvings of horses, frogs, giraffes, lions and donkeys.
"They've all got little stories, little trivia," Means said.


Coming soon the pictures and write ups from the sponsors of “Fang” and the “Rabbit”.