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It is my belief, that if everyone in the world took three minutes to truly stop, look, listen and actually feel the carousel figures, they will always find something they love. Most art is subjective depending on a single persons taste and appreciation. But a carousel offers a little something for everyone.

- Ken Means; Master Carver

When is it going to be done?
The goal is to build the carousel within the next five years. The success of meeting that goal depends on the volunteer efforts of people like you who are willing to support the project with time, talents and funding to get the project done.

How much will this project cost?
This project is a significant undertaking with an estimated budget of $2 million dollars. The Association is purchasing 20 of Ken Means hand-carved carousel animals for $150,100. There will be costs associated with the construction of the carousel itself, including the mechanism, platform and additional animals and accessories that comprise the menagerie.
The building and site development that will house the carousel represents a significant portion of the costs.

How will this project be funded?
This project will receive most of its funding through in-kind and financial contributions from volunteers, donors, civic and corporate partners. Government grants and philanthropic contributions will also be sought.

How big will this carousel be?
The precise size has not yet been determined. That will in part be determined by what kind of carousel mechanism will be used. While an old mechanism is available to be used, it is not clear whether that will be the best solution for this carousel.

Where will this carousel be located?
The intended location for the Coquille Carousel would be along the Riverwalk adjacent to the Dutch John Pond and the Coquille River.

How can I get involved?
The Coquille Carousel Association meets regularly on the last Thursday of the month at 6:30pm in the Coquille City Council Room. There are several committees that would welcome your time, talents and efforts in support of building the carousel, including; fundraising, marketing, resources, artistry.

Who is on the Board of Directors?
The Board is comprised of six volunteers who conduct the planning and direction of the Carousel Association’s efforts. They include Ben Marchant, President; Linda Short, Vice President; Fran Capehart, Treasurer; Shirley Bower, Secretary; Judy Gederos and Lisa Johnson.

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